4 Steps to Reverse Aging Skin

1. Keep the Production of Pigment Under Control & Limit Discoloration:
Age & Brown spots can make you look as old as a face full of wrinkles. Brown spots and brown patches caused by sun damage, inflammation or hormones makes the skin look dull, ruddy and worn out. Discoloration doesn't allow the skin to look bright & fresh to reflect light properly & glow. Dermatologists swear that skin lighteners such as our T4 Sun & Age Spot Remover, Vitamin C like T4's 20% Vitamin C Super Serum w/ B3, B5, E & Ferulic and Retinol like our T4 Extreme Retinol Crème. Doctors also swear by alpha hydroxy skin peeling like T4 15% Glycolic, Pyruvic & Lactic Face & Body Peel to break up the top layer of damaged skin to get rid of surface discoloration. Dead skin contains pigment.

2. Build Better Collagen:
Aging causes collagen production to decrease. Proactive product measures must be followed. Sunscreen is a must 365 days a year. The #1 product ingredient to protect & build collagen is PEPTIDE because it penetrates the skin barrier to stimulate collagen production. Try T4 No More Deep Wrinkles or T4 bio placenta growth factor peptide treatment or 6 Peptides Treatment Serum. Vitamin C & Retinol also stimulates collagen. If collagen production is not stimulated- the skin looks saggy, less elastic and laden with fine lines & wrinkles. Apply often our T4 Oxygen Revitalizing Mask w/ Copper Peptides (known to stimulate collagen & heal wounds) and T4 Collagen Boosting Creme w/ Retinol & C as well as T4 Retinol Resurfacing Creme T4 20% Vitamin C Super Serum.

The most preventable contribution to aging is controlling sun damage. Protecting your skin from sun & pollution oxidative factors protects skin cells & minimizes DNA related mutations that encourage premature aging & skin cancer. The most common form of cellular damage is free radical damage because it breaks down cell membrane, DNA & proteins. Think T4 Skin Care-its main purpose is to attack free radical damage-every single product contains topical antioxidants protecting cellular damage and the integrity of skin cells. Think sunscreen 365 days a year!!!—try our full spectrum titanium or zinc SPF 30 physical sun blocks such as Natural Mineral Eye & Face Moisturizer w/ 4% titanium oxide or our Vitamin C-Oil Free Day Moisturizer w/ zinc oxide-all laden with antioxidants.

4. Increase Moisture to Ward Off Lines & Wrinkles:
Dry skin is irritated skin that leads to inflammation that causes aging & disease. Skin is less capable of retaining moisture as it ages. Not using moisturizer liberally creates a lack of volume & limp skin. Products with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen & peptides create a good delivery system to hydrated fine lines & wrinkles—Our entire T4 product line incorporates high quality hyaluronic base ingredients with Peptides to stimulate new collagen and extremely hydrate your skin. Think T4 Collagen Boosting Crème w/ Retinol & Vitamin C or T4 Intensive Healing + Hydrating Creme w/ Retinol + Vitamin C. Skin peeling with alpha hydroxy exfoliators such as our 10% Mandelic or 15% Glycolic, Pyruvic & Lactic Face & Body Peels also increase hydration and softens skin up to 300%.

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