How To Cure & Prevent Premature/Accelerated Aging

It has been scientifically proven that only 10 to 15% of the visible signs of aging are driven by genetics or passage of time. The true culprit of aging is caused by external influences-85 to 90% of aging is a direct result of avoidable factors.

Structural proteins such as collagen & elastin and adhesive proteins such as fibronectin comprise the majority of the skin matrix that support & protect our deep, dermal skin cells. These proteins undergo dramatic, accelerated breakdown due to external offenders such as UV sun exposure & free radical oxidative stress. Study after study confirms that over exposure to the sun is the No. 1 culprit in premature aging and leads to varying degrees of visible skin sagging & laxity, wrinkles, & enlargement of pores.

Sunscreen application limits UV induced skin damage and is accepted as the most beneficial anti-aging product available today. All T4 Skin Care sunscreens are formulated with natural physical sun block ingredients as opposed to chemical ingredients. Zinc oxide & titanium dioxide are the 2 proven natural physical sun blocks that supersede manmade chemical ingredient sunscreens in their ability to penetrate into the dermis and prevent the breakdown of collagen & elastin. The American Cancer Society recommends using a sun block 365 days a year because sun block is proven to prevent squamous & basal cell carcinoma and because it curtails red skin inflammation. Forty to 80% of the sun's UVA & UVB ultraviolet rays pass thru clouds & over caste conditions. It is just as important to wear sun block during non-sun, cold and rainy days—365 days a year.

Fine lines that result from repeated facial expressions, the passage of time and gravity are normal. But DEEP wrinkling is NOT a function of normal internal aging. Deep wrinkles are a result of UVA rays penetrating deeply into the skin causing the breakdown, disorganization and cross-linking of collagen. De-hydration of the skin and free radical damage are also common in all cases of premature aging, leading to thickened skin that appears flaky, dull and rough. But no sun sunscreen completely blocks free radical damage or stops premature aging. The average sun screen only blocks up to 55% of damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure. This is why it is important to use a topical antioxidant underneath your sunscreen such as T4 Skin Care's 20% Vitamin C Super Serum w/ Vitamins B3, B5, E & Ferulic. Antioxidants strengthen the skin's natural defense system to neutralize UV induced free radicals. When an antioxidant & sunscreen are used together, up to 8 times more natural photo protection is created and up to 97% of sunburn cells can be reduced. The comprehensive protection provided by an antioxidant treatment serum along with sunscreen to protect against UV-induced photo damage can prevent more serious skin conditions such as skin cancer. For added anti-aging effects, our T4 antioxidant topical treatments are infused with Hyaluronic Acid to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as the antioxidant formula stimulates collagen synthesis. According to dermatologist Alicia Barba, MD-"The easiest way to prevent skin cancer is to use an antioxidant prior to applying a SPF of 30 or higher. Antioxidant treatments compliment sunscreens to provide the ultimate UVA/UVB protection while also correcting accelerated signs of aging".

Topical Antioxidants should be used regularly by all persons to protect against free radical oxidative stress and to prevent premature aging. Antioxidants work to prevent damage to the body before it actually happens. Antioxidants include minerals, enzymes and vitamins. Free radicals are formed naturally in the body but their production is increased by factors such as sun exposure, stress & toxins like air pollution. The resulting damage decreases elasticity and leads to inflammation and is the source of sun and age spots and the main culprit for wrinkling. In essence, free radicals accelerate aging. Studies have proven that antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Our T4-Original-4 easy step product line consisting of Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Cleanser, Oxygenating Face Gel, Collagen Boosting Face Repair Moisturizing Crème w/ Retinol & Vitamin C and full spectrum SPF 30 Natural Mineral Eye & Face Moisturizer has been formulated to contain high concentrations of all disease & age fighting antioxidants such as resveratrol, grapefruit, ginger, green tea, algae, Vitamins A, C & E, coffee seed, grape extract, copper, zinc, and CoQ10 to encourage cell tissue growth, collagen production and cancer prevention. Studies have shown that antioxidants penetrate the skin, reduce wrinkle depth, and prevent sun damage. For example, Vitamin A in the form of Retinols such as T4’s Extreme Retinol Treatment Crème not only improve skin texture, but also offers strong resistance to UV rays, act as an anti-inflammatory to lessen red skin, neutralizes free radicals and reverses premature aging and the sun's aging effects.

Antioxidants can come from healthy eating but only a small percentage of consumed antioxidants actually reach the facial skin because they primarily act internally in the body. Skin care products that contain antioxidants must be used to directly & positively affect the skin. Studies have shown that antioxidant application works better as a team of varied antioxidant ingredients applied as a cocktail mix and why our T4-4 step line was created to synergistically reinforce multiple antioxidant application use after use.

Over 25 years ago the term cosmeceutical was introduced by a dermatologist named Albert M. Kligman to describe ingredients applied to the skin that are more active than over-the-counter cosmetics but not so active that they have uncomfortable or harmful side effects as prescription drugs. The word cosmeceutical has been medically defined as a product with an activity that is intended to treat or prevent a mild skin abnormality. This is the core of T4 Skin Care’s medically oriented skin repair program. By removing dead, dry cells from the surface of the skin, our antioxidants, peptides, moisturizers and sun blocks are able to be more easily absorbed into the skin to repair fine lines, wrinkles, acne, sun damage and the loss of collagen and elastin. All our products work synergistically, meaning the combination of ingredients used in our cleansers, toners, treatments, and moisturizers work better to repair skin damage and aging when used in unity. Even though plastic surgery repairs sagging skin, it does not repair old and unhealthy skin. Surgery that pulls the skin tighter does not restore its youthfulness. A baby’s body weight is 75% water but an adult’s weight is only composed of about 50% water. This is because our cells break down as we age causing adults to lose the ability to absorb and lock in water and why adults lose the smooth supple skin they once had. Replenishing this water and cell loss with our Collagen Boosting Face Repair Crème w/ Retinol & Vitamin C or with our T4 Intensive Healing + Hydrating Creme w/ Retinol + Vitamin C and with other cosmeceutical skin repair products T4 Skin Care offers is the best way to maintain a healthy and youthful skin appearance.

In a recent Consumer’s Reports study entitled “Wrinkle Creams: Selling Hope in a Jar”, the article concluded by pointing out the fact that if you want dramatic visible changes to your skin, “You are going to need products that contain retinoids, vitamin C products, sun blocks, topical antioxidant products, and hydroxy acids”.

They also pointed out that applying hydroxy acid peels such as our T4 10% Mandelic or 15% Glycolic Face & Body Peel on a consistent basis effectively stimulates collagen and elastin and reverses premature aging and sun damage.

Believe it or not alpha hydroxy acids are antioxidants too! Glycolic acid is derived from sugarcane and lactic acid is derived from milk. Mandelic acid is also an antioxidant preventing premature aging by scooping up highly dangerous free radicals. Hydroxy acids help to exfoliate dead cells, heal inflammation, and give the skin a younger appearance. When T4 Skin Care hydroxy acid products such as T4's Alpha-Beta Cleanser, 10% Mandelic Acid & 15% Glycolic Face and Body Peel are applied they work synergistically with all other T4 products to enhance antioxidant activity. Relieving and repairing dry skin, dermatitis, acne, wrinkles and redness caused by ultraviolet radiation are some of the amazing benefits of using our T4 alpha hydroxy acid treatments, let alone their ability to prevent free radical damage, stimulate collagen production and prevent premature aging.

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