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Hi! I’m Helena Armour, President and Founder of T4 Cosmeceutical Skin Care. I’ve dedicated more than 22 years to researching cutting edge "new generation" skin repair ingredients and transforming them into products that reverse and heal premature aging, acne, rosacea, environmental and sun damaged skin.

Twenty-two years ago I woke up and came to terms with my own damaged skin. A blotchy grey complexion, sun spots & extreme sun damage due to walking 18 holes at golf tournaments on the PGA Tour for the last 34 years. Good quality, over the counter cosmetics like Lancome and Clarins were no longer “cutting the cake”. My complexion needed a major boost from medi-spas offering alpha Hydroxy face peels and high strength cosmeceutical skin repair products to strip off accumulated skin damage from years in the sun and aging, pollution and air travel havoc.

My new medi-spa skin care approach worked miracles on my face as the five pictures below testify. The 1993 picture is my skin BEFORE medi-spa alpha Hydroxy face peeling and high strength skin repair products…..the 2004 picture is after 6 years of consistent alpha Hydroxy face peeling and cosmeceutical high strength face products and the 2012 picture is after 14 years of consistent alpha Hydroxy face peeling and high strength product face repair. Here is my latest 2018 photo as I continue to monthly peel with all natural plant based alpha hydroxy face peels!

Sadly, the downside when you achieve “buffed & repaired skin” is that if you don’t keep up cosmeceutical skin products on a daily basis, the skin reverts back to its old and damaged condition. It’s like going to the Dentist and getting your teeth cleaned and plaque removed. Your teeth feel and look terrific but a couple months down the road, stained teeth and plaque resurface. It’s the same with facial skin. If you don’t keep stripping your skin with Alpha Hydroxy Acids and if you don’t apply Retinol A and Vitamin C & Peptides & Sun & Age Spot Removers & high quality Titanium & Zinc full spectrum physical sun blocks….sun spots, blotchy complexions, red skin, actinic keratosis, acne, fine lines & wrinkles return in a heart beat!

I felt guilty at the maintenance cost of high quality alpha Hydroxy face peels and high quality and strength skin repair products and felt awful that “buffed, healthy and age defying skin” is not affordable for most people in the US….so I did something about it.

This led to launching T4 Skin Care. Four-number-coded-fast and easy product steps for all skin types, ages and conditions that synergistically work together to repair, hydrate, and protect premature aging, acne, rosacea, environmental and sun damaged skin. These four products address skin damage and premature aging attacks to the skin without compromising on the integrity and quality ingredients found in other leading cosmeceutical skin repair lines. I started offering the T4 products to my golf and tennis friends and the T4 end user market started growing.

The reason I can afford to offer you high quality and high strength skin repair products is because T4 grows by word of mouth. Consumers or Resellers stumble upon the product line and read about T4 Skin Care or hear about T4 products by the “anatomy of the buzz” ……..word of mouth feel. This allows me to reinvest profits to keep up with the latest, best quality, and strongest "new generation" repair ingredients the skin industry has to offer. Rather than pass advertising dollars onto your retail product price, I trust that smart people like you will find out about us and “ fix their face and go bare” with T4 Skin Care.

My passion is to repair your skin at an affordable price but at the same time deliver high quality and high strength ingredients. Besides the T4-4 Step Skin Repair program, T4 Skin Care has additional, easy to use products that target, disarm and repair the most stubborn skin damaged conditions to eliminate free radicals, recondition dry skin, repair wrinkles, rebuild collagen, brighten skin, prevent breakouts and offer full spectrum zinc and titanium UVA/UVB protection.

Every day I receive email testimonies from consumers across the country using T4 Skin Care just like this one:

“There are so many skin care products on the market everywhere. I have tried so many! However, I must tell you that the T4 Skin Care Products are the very best I have ever used. I have been using them for the past 4 months or so. The results I have seen are remarkable! Below are the things that have happened to my skin in this short time.

1. The crepiness in my neck area is almost completely gone. I used to wear a scarf around my neck, but no longer. I am amazed.
2. I had a plain facial last week and the cosmetologist told me that I had hardly any "sun damage" on my face. I spent my summers at the beach wearing only baby oil, so you can imaging the unseen skin damage that I had. Thanks to T4, that has almost all disappeared.
3. I had a visible scar on my cheek due to the removal of some pre-cancerous cells about 5 years ago. Even though a plastic surgeon did the removal, there was still a scar. That scar has all but disappeared....again, due to T4 products.

Thank you for introducing me to the program....again, it's the best there is and it works more than I ever expected. Please share this information with the company and with your other clients....current and future.


I, Helena Armour, invite you to interact with our T4 website and what it has to offer. Send me your bare face photo and I will be happy to email you the T4 recommended products to repair your current skin condition. Click the different product categories and view the T4 products recommended to reverse and/or prevent damaged skin conditions that might be the very same skin issues you may need to correct.

To correct and protect, professional retailers who care about healthy skin, and consumers alike, “Fix their Face and Go Bare” with T4 Skin Care.

My Best!!!
Helena Armour

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