[1] T4 No More Deep Wrinkles Peptide Treatment w/ CoQ10-1 oz.-For All Skin Types: $49.50
Repairs All Skin Types-Pentapeptide-4 (Matrixyl) decreases deep wrinkles by 44% + lifts skin by 16%-Hexapeptide-3- (Argireline), a natural peptide alternative to Botox, relaxes muscles to prevent wrinkle formation, Red Marine Algae hydrates skin by 16%, w/ added Bearberry, Licorice + Daisy extracts to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles + dark sun + age spots.

[2] T4 Six Peptides Line Filler-1/2 oz.-For All Skin Types: $57
Repairs All Skin Types-the best non-toxic alternative to Botox: 6 Peptides-Hexapeptide -8,- Pentapeptide-18, Dipeptide- Heptapeptide-1, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, including Matrixyl 3000-stimulate Collagen I, III + IV production, reducing wrinkle depth by 50%, improving skin volume, depth + smoothnesssignificantly modulating muscle contraction, destabilizing cells to not release neurotransmitters that make muscles contract, preventing additional formation of lines + wrinkles, as well as repairing existing deep lines.

[3] T4 + H 20% Vitamin C Super Serum + Vitamins b3, b5, e + ferulic-1 oz.- For All Skin Types: $79.50
Repairs Dry & Sun Damaged Skin-20% L-Ascorbic Acid with triple action B, E, & Ferulic synergistically lighten skin, repair DNA damage & cellular aging as collagen & elastin growth are stimulated in a hydrating Hyaluronic base.

[4] T4 + H Bio-Placenta Growth Factor Peptide Treatment- 1 oz.- All Skin Types: $77.50
All Skin Types-molecularly identical to human placenta growth factors, epidermal growth factor protein peptides stimulate + accelerate new skin + slow down skin thinning + initiate new collagen + elastin; promoting, supporting, prompting increased, noticeable, firmer, smother skin regeneration + strength; reducing inflammation + repairing damaged cells. Formulated w/ acetyl hexapeptide 3 or 8 (argireline): “natural botox in a bottle”: a genetically engineered protein; relaxing facial muscles, contraction + reducing wrinkles (forehead, eyes), prolonging botox injection effects; acetyl hexapeptide 30: prevents facial muscle contraction, smooths + calms muscle movement + sholigopeptide 1: epidermal growth factor (egf), a protein peptide binding to cell receptors, stimulating, accelerating, renewing skin + slowing down skin thinning. sh-oligopeptide 2: epidermal growth factor (egf) diminishing + protecting against free radical damage. shpolypeptide: sh-polypeptide 9: sh polypeptide 11: epidermal growth factors (egf) stimulating cell fission growth + initiating new collagen + elastin.

[5] T4 Lifting + Plumping Face + Body Boost Contour Lotion Creme for Thinning + Sagging Jowls-Cheeks-Neck-Chest-Hands + Body-4 oz.-For All Skin Types: $49.50
Repairs All Skin Types-reduces thin, wrinkled + sagging cheeks, jowls, neck, chest, hands + body; restores plumpness, volume + shape; improves contour + curves w/ 2 natural + safe + powerful active ingredients-Sarsaspogenin + Macelignan that stimulate + boost the skin’s genetic ability to generate adipose fat cells that diminish with agingimproving skin volume + plumpness, giving face + body a less wrinkled + lifted appearance, while nourishing + moisturizing.

[6] T4 Extreme Retinol Resurfacing Creme-1 oz.- For All Skin Types: $59
Repairs All Skin Types-oil free: time released 1 million i.u. units pure vitamin a: small molecule penetrating outer skin, exfoliates w/out irritation, increases cell turnover, declogs, diminishes pores, stimulates collagen, elastin, minimizing lines, wrinkles, tightens, smooths skin, evens tone, diminishes scaring, brown spots, produces healthier, plumper cells, improves, controls cystic bumps + breakouts; antioxidant vitamin e fights free radicals; oil-free squalene, jojoba + apricot kernel naturally moisturize; hyaluronic acid plumps skin.

[7] T4 + H Anti-Aging + Antioxidant + Peptide Leave On Clarifying + Lifting Creme-2 oz.-All Skin Types: $54.50
Repairs All Skin Types-oil-free acetyl hexapeptide-8 inhibits muscle contraction + relaxes facial tension, reducing pre-existing wrinkle depth; palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 stimulates collagen -+ elastin production; pseudoalteromonas ferment, a glycoprotein from antarctica sea reduces roughness, promotes collagen, elastin + anti-wrinkle activity; oil-free jojoba, apricot kernel + hyaluronic acid create hydrating protection, holding natural moisture in; antioxidants: co-enzyme q 10 prevents collagen + elastin damage caused by free radicals, red tea (rooibos), from South African mountains provides sun damage, pollution protection + soothes irritated acne, red skin induced inflammation + improves texture, tone; oil-free squalane: softens, diminishes lines, boosts cell regeneration; plant derived anti-inflammatory lipids moisturize, antioxidant chamomile heals irritation, soothes; sage offers antiseptic, anti fungal properties, controlling break-outs; neroli stimulates cell activity + growth, rejuvenating skin.

[8] T4 + H Nightly Triple Stem Cell Stimulator-2 oz. For All Skin Types: $68.50
Repairs All Skin Types-a nourishing, breathable + clear triple stem cell film derived from acai palm, chinese basal + white oak functions as a transdermal penetration medium allowing complete absorption into skin; stimulating epidermal + dermal stem cell proliferation , increasing basal skin stem cell longevity + reducing the death of fibroblast cells to continue healthy division. lightens, smooths, reduces irritation + fights wrinkles.

[9] T4 + H No More Lip Lines Plumping + Repair Treatment- .5 oz.: $39.50
For All Skin Types- Palmitoyl tripeptide-1 stimulates collagen and hyaluronic synthesis improving lip lines, surface folds, wrinkles and thin lips, increasing elastin, lip definition and volume. Tribehenin protects moisture loss and seals peptide ingredients.